Nia Ashley is writer, producer, and media artist based in Brooklyn. Her work explores the platonic, familial, and romantic relationships of women through myriad genres. Nia has taken on many roles in her tenure as a storyteller. She produced 4 short films and written/directed 2 short films and a web series. She has written 3 feature films, 2 short films, and 2 television pilots. She has written 3 stage plays which have been produced in New York City. Her writing has won many national and international awards in film festivals, screenwriting contests, and institutional programs.  

Her ultimate goal is to own a production company and produce feature films and television centering women, queer people and people of color.

In 2016, Nia graduated from Barnard College Cum Laude and with honors, with a degree in English and Film. She currently an MFA candidate at Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Brooklyn College.