Feature Films



Cleo LeBas returns to a small mountain town to fix up her decrepit childhood home with Anthony, a charming and mysterious man from her past. As the two grow closer and tensions heighten, Cleo discovers the only way to ensure her future is to confront the pain of her past.

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Ride: The Series

After an international festival debut, Ride, the short film becomes Ride, the series, the story of two best friends trying to survive in ever-gentrifying New York City.

Margot and Max

After learning she has breast cancer, Margot May, 27, returns to her childhood home in Providence, Rhode Island to be under the care and financial support of her estranged step-mother, Robin.


Television Series

Say Grace

After the death of her imposing father, Grace Thomas, a disaffected Columbia Business student takes over the family business, the last surviving Black crime family in Brooklyn. Grace turns to selling prescriptions drugs in order to take command and revive their flailing neighborhood influence.

Black Swan Records

Harlem, 1920: Stunted by the discriminatory American record industry, Harry Pace and WC Handy create Black Swan Records, the first African-American owned record company in America. Pace and Handy unite some of the most talented artists of their era before they were household names. 


Short Films

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Saga and the Sword

Saga and the Sword is the story of a Somali-Swede child who discovers supernatural powers and her hidden destiny when she finds a Viking sword in a Swedish national park.

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A young woman leads a rebellion in Nazi-occupied Belarus.